The NeICE can be used in any application requiring mechanical power. 


1)  Automotive-> Gas, Diesel, Ethanol, Hydrogen, Bio-Diesel fueled engines.
2)  Marine-> Gas, Diesel fueled engines.
3)  General Aviation-> AvGas, Diesel fueled engines.
4)  General Aviation-> Kerosene fueled turbines.
5)  Military-> Gas. Diesel fueled engines.
6)  Military-> Kerosene fueled turbines.
7)  Home-> Gas, Oil-Gas fueled engines.
8)  Recreation-> Gas, Oil-Gas, Diesel fueled engines.
9)  Construction-> Gas, Oil-Gas, Diesel fueled engines.
10) Portable Power-> Gas, Oil-Gas, Diesel, Natural Gas, Propane fueled                 engines.


1)  NeICE can easily be configured to become an efficient compressor.
2)  NeICE can also be configured to become a simple vacuum pump.


Configured as a special type of heat pump,  NeICE can produce rotary             torque from solar energy.


NeICE can operate at turbine speeds providing extreme power density, and fuel efficient power for new engine applications.

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