The calculated technical features of NeICE are as follows:

-> Torque at any speed.  Torque amount depends upon engine size.  A               12"x 22"x 12" engine is designed to produce 130 ft-lbs at 5000 rpm.

-> Vibration free due to non-eccentric design. 

->  Speeds of 30,000 to 80,000 rpm and beyond are possible due to robust             cross-sections and perfect inherent balancing.

-> Emissions are greatly reduced (90%) since the NeICE explodes correct            fuel-air mixtures instead of burning them.

-> Horsepower to Weight ratio of 1:1 has been exceeded.  NeICE can achieve      8:1 and beyond depending upon materials.  800 horsepower from a 100        pound engine is now possible.

-> Noise is reduced to a level so that a muffler is not required.

-> Reliability is radically improved, since there are only three (3) moving                integrated components.  Each rotor with its shaft and gear is one solid            component.

-> Multi-fuel is easily accomplished due to a two stage compression system.
     Gas, diesel, bio-diesel, ethanol, hydrogen, kerosene, avgas are the                beginning of burnable fuels.  A simple carburetor or low pressure fuel                injector is all that is needed.

-> Manufacturing is straight forward and simple.  NeICE can be                                mass-produced or easily customized.  Both low and high tech materials            can be used depending upon the application.

                                                                                                 Patents Pending